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Corn Colour Sorter

TAIHO Corn Colour Sorters offer industry leading accuracy and precision to help you improve product quality and maximise product output.

The system features a high quality reject system and premium LED light system. The Corn Colour Sorter is available in a variety of configurations ranging from a single chute to a 12 chute model to meet your corn processing demands.

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  • High Resolution Colour CCD Image Acquisition System – The high resolution CCD system has the sensory ability of human eye with a maximum resolution is up to 0.15mm. Coupled with a high precision lens, the system captures clear images and identifies small defects and spots on raw materials.
  • Flexible Configuration & Variable Light Source – The LED lighting system has a long service life, low energy consumption and consistent performance. The light source can also be customised, based on the requirements of the customer and raw materials being processed.
  • Dedicated Image Processing Algorithm – Raw product can be analysed based on shape and colour. For materials with complex colours, the machine sorts materials more directly and accurately by using HSV-changed colour space sorting method.
  • Unique Trough Configuration – The special anodising technology complies with international standards. The system can be equipped with cascade plate and narrow chute channel to meet the colour sorting for various materials.
  • High Quality Solenoid Valve –  The high frequency ejector has a long service life and has very low air consumption, providing the highest capacity rejection output.The system is available with different sizes of solenoid valves according to the raw product being sorted.
  • Excellent Rejection Rate – The advanced image acquisition system features intelligent processing algorithms, a high quality nozzle system and excellent elimination rate.
  • Simple Easy to Use Touchscreen Interface – The graphical interface is easy to use and learn for both technicians and line operators.

For more information call 1800 354 302 (Australia) or 0800 777 704 (New Zealand).

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