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MOCON OpTech O2 Platinum

OpTech O2 Platinum

MOCON’s OpTech®– O2 Platinum is the ideal multi-application oxygen analyser for beverage, biopharmaceutical, and food products where maintaining barrier integrity is critical.


Key features include:

  • Oxygen permeation rates of multiple packages or films
  • Determine product shelf life for an oxygen sensitive product
  • Perform quality control of MAP packages off the production line
  • Conduct transportation and distribution studies
  • Understand the effects of total package oxygen
  • Detect packages with gross leaks
  • Testing does not consume oxygen

Check out the video demonstration

The OpTech-O2 Platinum sensor can be deployed in three ways:

  1. The platinum sensor comes ready to use in sticker format; reusable sensors for
    headspace applications and permanent sensors for liquid applications. These
    sensors are placed inside the package using MOCON’S convenient vacuum pen.
    The package is sealed and interrogated non-destructively with the external detector.
    This sensor type is ideal for package permeation studies, shelf life analysis, and
    distribution studies.
  2. ImPULSE™ platinum sensor measures oxygen inside opaque and retort packages.
  3. An invasive needle incorporating the platinum sensor for destructive headspace

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