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Label Verification

The Q:Check Label Verification system will inspect the front (incl. medals), back and neck labels of your bottles for correct appearance, placement and that they are the correct labels for the current production run.

The system provides a comprehensive, automated quality control of the bottle labels to ensure the product is labeled correctly and looks as intended.

With complete visual inspection, the system detects missing, upside-down, mis-aligned, folded, torn, or incorrect labels. Defective products will be automatically removed from the production line.

The system inspects for; label presence, correct label (e.g. brand name, vintage, grape variety, bar code), label postion (e.g. relative to other labels), label alignment (e.g. upside-down) and label presentation (e.g. bubbles, creases, edges/corners, tears).

For each production run, operators will select the product from the user-friendly touch screen. New products, or label changes can be set-up and added to the product menu.

The hardware is tough and smart:

  • Vibration and water proof, all equipment rated to highest hygienic food standards
  • High intensity focused white LED lights are trouble/maintenance free
  • Smart camera technology, no additional processing PC required!
  • Support from our experienced machine vision engineers.

Check out the Label Verification Demonstration

For more information call 1800 354 302 (Australia) or 0800 777 704 (New Zealand).

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