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In-Shell Pecan Sorters

The PS-6,000/DS+ and PS-12,000/DS+ are the result of a commitment to continuous development by Inspection Masters. Major features include:

  • Dual Spectrum Imaging with Shape and Size Recognition.
  • The I.M. sorters uses two light spectrums—plus size and shape recognition—to separate clean in-shell nuts from reject material.
  • Internet connectivity allows for factory monitoring and software upgrades
  • Easy to use English/Spanish operator controls

Dual Spectrum Imaging+™ Demonstration

Pecan Sorter Model No.Sorting Per Hour (lbs)Sorting Per Hour (kg)

 Major features include:

  • Removes green and black nuts, sticks, stones, etc.
    Our exclusive Dual Spectrum+™ technology identifies and ejects more unwanted material than any single spectrum sorter. See more.
  • Increases cleaning plant throughput
    No more slowing down your entire cleaning operation because a large amount of green or black nuts, sticks, stones, etc. must be removed by hand.
  • Minimizes inspection table labor.
    With almost all foreign material removed from your product flow, you’ll need very few people on the final inspection belt.
  • User friendly set-up and adjustment
    Touchscreen controls designed with the non-technical operator in mind. See more of the PS-6,00/DS+. / See more of the PS-12,000/DS+. 

For more information call 1800 354 302 (Australia) or 0800 777 704 (New Zealand).

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