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Sort food products in one pass with Insort Sherlock Hybrid

Would you like to sort all your products in one pass?

The Sherlock Hybrid Sorting System, designed and manufactured by Austrian-based Insort, allows food processors to separate acceptable products, foreign object material, and defective products into 3 grades in just one pass.

The secret to the system lies in the system’s combination of Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®) and high-resolution RGB (visible light) cameras, which enable assessment of the whole near-infrared spectrum and analysis of objects’ chemical composition, regardless of color, shape, surface or density.

Once analysed Sherlock Hybrid engages its proven air separation technology and food optimised flap separation function, to separate your products for faster and more efficient grading and processing.

Suitable for a range of applications.

he system is suitable for a range of applications including vegetables, fresh and dried fruit, nuts, grains & oil seeds, and meat & poultry.

To learn more about Insort’s Sherlock Hybrid Sorting System call Inspection Systems  1800 354 302 (AUS) or 0800 777 704 (NZ) or view the system here.

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