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We partner with world leading companies to deliver the most advanced solutions.

Loma Systems is the global leader in the design and manufacture of metal detection, checkweighing and x-ray inspection systems for the food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries.

MOCON is an international manufacturing company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA with operations in Texas, Colorado, Germany and China. MOCON is the premier provider and innovator of solutions for permeation testing instruments and laboratory services, package integrity, shelf-life evaluation, package cost reduction, sustainability and package safety.

Based in Belgium, Optimum Sorting is an emerging global manufacturer of optical sorting machines, which use sophisticated camera and laser technology. Their optical sorters, including the Focus, Nexus, Novus, Triplus and Ventus are suitable for a wide range of dried, fresh, frozen and snackfood applications.

Based in China, TAIHO manufacturers color sorters to leading food and industrial processors throughout the world. It’s CCD, belt and NIR (near infrared) color sorters offer precision sorting performance for a wide range of applications.

Detectamet are renowned for their innovative, pioneering and proactive approach to the food safety and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. They offer the largest and most comprehensive range of detectable products and are industry leaders in detection to prevent foreign body contamination.

VWS Nederland specialises in weighing, labelling and automation. Their equipment range includes weighing and recording terminals, scales, labelling equipment, weighing and labelling systems. They also provide customised weigh labelling solutions for specific client applications.

NDC is a global company developing and manufacturing measurement and control systems for a wide range of industries. Their products are designed to maintain and enhance product quality, process performance and profitability, and consumer loyalty.

Converging Solutions, based in the United Kingdom, are a leading supplier of converging and pack handling equipment in the packaging industry. The systems are renowned for their versatility and help dramatically improve quality control and the need for human intervention.

For more than 70 years, Cerulean has been synonymous with the supply of precision test and measurement equipment solutions. With continued release of new devices, Cerulean is committed to delivering the solutions that our customers require, investing a significant proportion of its revenue on in-house research and product development.

EyePro System is the leader in vision inspection technology for the baking industry. We provide hi-tech control equipment for product inspection, rejection and handling, designed to improve quality, control and optimize processes, maximize line efficiency and reduce waste.

Engilico is the international expert in sealing inspection & monitoring technology for flexible packages. Its flagship system, SealScope™, is a patented, easy to integrate and non-destructive in-line seal inspection and process monitoring technology for flexible packages. Via sensors that are mounted on the sealing jaws, SealScope™ detects product in seal, wrinkles and tapered seals.

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