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Improve detection performance with LOMA’s new X5 X-ray

Recently LOMA launched the new X5 Pack and X5 Spacesaver X-Ray Systems, setting a new standard for the detection of foreign contaminants in the food and packaging industry. Featuring Adaptive Array Technology (AAT), detection performance has been improved by up to 25%.


LOMA X5 Pack X-Ray System



The X5 Pack X-Ray System dynamically tailors resolution, depth and scaling to give the best detection performance. Coupled with other significant design enhancements including the removal of flat surfaces to improve hygiene, easy belt removal, increased sensitivity and improved thermal management, it offers the ‘Best in Class’ detection solution.

The system is available in 300, 500mm and 600mm belt widths to suit your application.

> View the LOMA X5 Pack specifications


LOMA X5 Spacesaver X-Ray System



The X5 Spacesaver X-Ray System includes most of the features of X5 Pack System, but has a smaller footprint allowing it to be more easily integrated into existing production lines or facilities where space is at a premium. The system is available in 300 and 500mm belt widths to suit your application.

>> View the LOMA X5 Spacesaver specifications


Book a System Demonstration Today

To learn more about LOMA’s brand new Adaptive Array Technology (AAT) and book a system demonstration call 1800 354 302 (Australia) or 0800 777 704 (NZ) or send us an email.


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