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Incorporating foreign object detection systems

As retailers continue to develop more stringent quality assurance standards for foreign object detection, it’s important you choose the most reliable equipment that not only meets, but exceeds, the standards.

In most cases, vendors who supply ready to eat and ready to reheat foods are required to incorporate metal detection(or x-ray) systems in their production process. For some retailers, this requirement has recently been extended to several product categories that have previously not been subject to metal detection.

When investing in a metal detection system you should consider:

  • Product specifications: the format, size and characteristics of the product will have a significant impact on the type of system you require.
  • Product reject requirements: It’s critical that your system has an automatic rejection device or alarmed belt stop system.
  • Packaging characteristics: If your packaging incorporates any foil or metalised film then you may need to consider an x-ray system.
  • Location: metal detectors or x-ray systems should be located as close as practically possible towards the end of the production line to screen finished product.

See the quality assurance features in a LOMA’s metal detector.

Inspection Systems offer a range of LOMA metal detectors and x-ray systems which have been built to exceed the standards set by global retailers.

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