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Innovative upgrade for LOMA IQ3+

Loma has introduced a number of innovative upgrades to its flagship IQ3+ metal detector to ensure it continues to offer unsurpassed levels of detection performance, whilst keeping compliant with the latest inspection Codes of Practice set by key and latest industry standards.

Enhancements include a 20% increase in field strength for improved contaminant detection, as well as the first integration of its EnviroScan software and patented AutoBalance technology in a variable frequency system.   Together with additional technical updates to key operational features, the changes are designed to ensure the robust IQ3+ keeps pace with both regulatory demands and business developments.

The IQ3+ achieves a 20% increase in field strength through improved componentry and enhanced thermal management in its MaxDrive feature.  This is of particular benefit for the inspection of dry goods, such as biscuits, breads and cereals which lack moisture and so do not interact with the magnetic field.  Running at a higher field strength, the IQ3+ ensures greater sensitivity to contaminants, improved detection and superior performance.

enviroscan-loma-metal-detectorOutside environmental noise resulting from vibrations or electrical interference can impair detection performance.  Hand held metering systems are normally brought in to monitor such noise levels, identify ‘hot’spots and facilitate line adjustments but are often not available for line operators to use on a just-in-time basis.  The IQ3+ now streamlines this process with its built-in EnviroScan software which intuitively scans across frequencies from 30-900kHz to check if interference is detected , then these issues can then easily eliminated by switching to one of the alternative 70 frequencies available on the IQ3+ and quickly repeated by the operator on an ad hoc basis as the factory environment changes.  In addition, technical enhancements to the noise filtering system further improve stability of the coil head by increasing its resistance to harsh electronic noise close to the contaminant signal.

Another industry first is the integration of Loma’s patented AutoBalance technology.  This feature can be used to re-balance the coil heads in the IQ3+ which may expand or contract due to changes in temperature over time.  It is an essential process which ensures the system remains highly sensitive to contaminants.  Plus, by providing this capability across every frequency, AutoBalance offers operators a highly efficient way to optimise the dynamic range available and an easy-to-use alternative to traditional mechanical checks.

“Retailers generally install the IQ3+ end-of-line so it is vital that it consistently delivers outstanding results.  Our commitment to innovation means that the IQ3+ is designed to survive and continues to evolve in line with technical advancements as well as stringent food manufacturing codes of practice. The latest upgrades are designed to deliver greater functionality and reduce the risk of human error; so improving safety, efficiency and overall performance,” comments David Phillips, Research and Development Manager of Loma Systems.

The latest IQ3+ innovations can be retrofitted to enhance the existing technology of the flagship Loma IQ3, depending on the age of the machine.  All IQ3 metal detectors can benefit from the full range of feature upgrades including the multi-lingual touch screen capable of holding over 22 languages,  IP69K environmental protection as well as a 60% component reduction in the mini control board for reduced footprint and increased speed of operation.

To learn more about the new IQ3+ Metal Detector contact Inspection Systems on 1800 354 302 (Australia) or 0800 777 704 (NZ).

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