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SALES ENQUIRIES | AUS 1800 354 302 | NZ 0800 777 704

Inspect every salad pack seal with SealScope

Are you getting product caught in the seal or fold of your salad packs? 

Then take a closer look at SealScope’s In-Line Seal Inspection system. SealScope inspects every seal using sensors on sealing bars and the system marks the sealing status with green and red bars depending on the result. The status is then clearly shown via a graphical interface which ensures you can remove the defective pack from the line. The data can then be used to calculate optimal filling levels to minimise future pack sealing issues.

Want more information?

Checkout the SealScope In-line Seal Inspection System page or call Inspection Systems on 1800 354 302 (AUS) or 0800 777 704 (NZ).

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