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Pet food company achieves 14% improvement to giveaway

Australian food manufacturers and processors are increasingly adopting the international standard of Average Quantity System (AQS) on their production lines.

In short, AQS helps food manufacturers and processors reduce giveaway on packed items while assuring consumers that they are getting what they pay for.

If you haven’t heard about AQS, you can get up to speed by reading our article here.

Importantly, AQS benefits the consumer, but it also provides significant benefits to the food manufacturer by reducing the potential of overfilling product and, thus, giving away additional product for free.

LOMA & AutoCoding provides full traceability

Recently Real Pet Food Company (RPFC) installed new LOMA metal detector and check weighing systems in their manufacturing facility in Yatala, Queensland.

Inspection Systems Sales Engineer said: “RPFC The company already had several LOMA systems onsite, which had proven to be accurate and reliable. So it made sense to choose LOMA again.”

When the new LOMA systems were commissioned, RPFC also introduced the AutoCoding Systems software platform, which provides full product traceability and control on their production line. The combination of equipment and software allowed RPFC to adopt AQS at the plant, which delivered immediate results.

14% improvement to giveaway standards

RPFC Operations Manager said: “Within 24 hours of installation, we achieved a 14% improvement to giveaway standards on one of our largest production lines”.

Prior to installation, RPFC used a manual process for managing giveaway, which was subject to operator compliance and data entry errors. The new automated system has removed the potential for giveaway errors, providing full traceability and dramatically improving compliance.

“The operations team can now monitor the production lines in real-time from a large display in our production office. Our fresh meat lines now sit below 1% giveaway, which is a great outcome for the business!”  said Ben.

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For more information on Real Pet Food Company, visit their website.

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