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Metal Detector Pharmaceutical – PH Tablets

The INSIGHT PH range of pharmaceutical metal detectors represents a significant advance in metal detection technology. Metal detection and signal processing take place in the compact INTEGRATED DIGITAL SEARCH HEAD.


Sophisticated OPTIX detector management software uses Lock’s unique DDS (Direct Digital Signal) vector diagram to generate the detailed product profile needed to achieve perfect product set-ups. This guarantees detection and rejection of metal fragments at through puts of up to 30,000 units per minute while achieving stable operation and market leading sensitivities to all metals.

Design and construction of the INSIGHT PH system is compliant with 21 CFR, Parts 210 and 211 and it is certified to Nema 4X/IP66. Lock’s signature gas strut stand is incorporated in a new stainless steel frame, which offers exceptional manoeuvrability from within the most compact footprint in class, making it convenient for use with all leading tablet presses and encapsulation machines.

View the Insight Pharmaceutical Metal Detector


Key Features:

  • 30,000 units per minute throughput
  • Best in class sensitivity to magnetic and non magnetic metals
  • Stable to extreme vibration and product signal
  • Menu with unlimited language options
  • User friendly operation with auto-learn and automatic product tracking features
  • Suitable for use with all leading tablet presses and encapsulation machines
  • Failsafe Lift-flap, Diverter, Wash-In-Place and Dust Tight reject units available
  • Standard external USB
  • Available with wired or wireless ethernet and SCADA capability
  • Full validation document and certification including IQ, OQ, PQ
  • Operable in a 21 CFR, Part 11 compliant environment
  • Stainless steel construction sealed to Nema 4X/IP66

For more information call 1800 354 302 (Australia) or 0800 777 704 (New Zealand).

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