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GPX1500 Food Head Space Analyser

Non-intrusive Headspace Gas Analyser for Food Packages

The Gasporox GPX1500 Film Food represents a new approach to headspace oxygen gas analysis for food packaging – fast, accurate, non-intrusive and non-destructive. Our methods are non-destructive and adapted to fit your HACCP concept.

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System Overview

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is widely used in the food sector to guarantee the freshness and shelf life of food packages. This involves frequent reduction or increase of oxygen during the packaging process. As a part of the quality system, a HACCP scheme is implemented. The verification of the MAP process is monitored using an at-line measurement or a sampling process using lab equipment. These are often done by a destructive method. This process generates relevant cost and a risk of operator errors. Gasporox GPX1500 Film Food eliminates these drawbacks. The instrument’s non-destructive measurement abilities enable to return the samples to the production line with no waste, assuring savings in production costs. It is designed for non-destructive headspace gas concentration measurements in transparent food packages and pouches.

System Features

  • Top performance for high and residual oxygen inspection
  • Also available for CO2 analysis
  • Reliable measurements
  • Easy to use
  • Non-destructive – return sample to production
  • Long life-time
  • Supports your HACCP

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