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Celsius 20

Non-Destructive Temperature Measurement System

The Celsius 20 temperature measurement system offers a fast, accurate method for non-destructive and non-invasive temperature measurement of a wide variety of food products.

By measuring the temperature of products without breaking the outer packaging or the product itself, the Celsius 20 drastically reduces waste and increases throughput and profit.

This system is the small entry-level model, with the Celsius Meso system available for larger carton sized products.

The measurements are performed using microwave thermometry technology which measures the equilibrium temperature rather than the surface or core temperature. This produces fast, consistent and accurate readings because the temperature measurement is not reliant on the positioning of a temperature probe.

Celsius is not an alternative but the new standard offering:

Superior quality assurance:

  • Celsius is proven to be the most accurate measurement available.
  • Celsius will not miss hot or cold spots as it takes into account the entire product, giving the “desired” equilibrium temperature.

Increased production efficiency:

  • Celsius offers the quickest results available to the industry, with minimum operator skill.
  • Removal of paper-records eliminating human error.

Considerable savings:

  • Celsius offers impressive paybacks, with savings made due to the removal of product wastage, packaging, replacement probes and rejected product.

For more information call 1800 354 302 (Australia) or 0800 777 704 (New Zealand).

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