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HyperScope Hyperspectral In-Line Inspection System

HyperScope is a hyperspectral camera-based system for seal inspection on rigid plastic packages.

The key to HyperScope’s technology is the hyperspectral camera technology that sees defects that a standard vision camera is unable to see, and can even see through printed films. HyperScope in-line system can inspect up to 160 packs per minute and can be retrofitted to any production line.


  • Non-destructive, 100% Inline seal inspection of rigid plastic packaging
  • Detects contamination through printed film.
  • Detects contamination with low contrast, invisible for regular vision cameras.
  • Easy setup and installation.


  • Improves packaging quality
  • Enables end-of-line automation
  • Eliminates manual inspection
  • Reduces product returns & scrap

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