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NDC Series 9 Food Gauge

NDC’s new Series 9 gauge delivers immediate value to your food production. It is your next-generation process optimisation solution for measuring moisture, fat/oil, protein and other key constituents.

Also available for Industrial and Pharmaceutical applications.

To learn more about the Series 9 Gauge call us today on 1800 354 302.

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  • Future-proof platform –Series 9 delivers the performance and productivity you need now – and for the challenges yet to come – to maximize your process performance and KPIs.
  • Various applications – confidently perform measurements of key constituents across a wide range of foods applications, such as coffee, confectionery, cookies and biscuits, dairy powders, snacks, starch and more.
  • Optimal performance – stable, ultra-accurate measurements coupled with unsurpassed performance maximizes the ability to operate your process at peak efficiency and deliver the highest quality products.
  • Simple operation– the user-friendly format requires no special operator skills or expert knowledge, yet it allows expert users to make the most of the enhanced interaction capabilities.
  • Scalable solution – the flexible building-block architecture coupled with intuitive functionality, advanced process connectivity and adaptable integration allows you to scale NDC Technologies’ gauging system to meet current and future site requirements.
  • Low cost of ownership – innovative intelligence, along with easy operation and maintenance, enables you to realise immediate and long-term value over the lifetime of operation.

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