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PrediktIR Moisture Gauge for Bulk Materials

Simple, Moisture-Only Measurement for Biomass, Clay Powder and Sinter Mix That Delivers Value

PrediktIR II is the next-generation, near-infrared gauging solution uniquely designed for the important process measurement of moisture in biomass, clay powder and sinter mix applications. The new PrediktIR II gauge is another example of NDC Technologies’ commitment to delivering a measurement solution to the marketplace with best-in-value performance.

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  • Enhance Product Quality and Consistency  continuous, highly accurate measurements allow for better process control and product quality optimization.
  • Save Energy and Improve Yield  precise moisture measurement and dryer control provides energy savings and reduces out-of-spec materials.
  • Integrate Easily Into Closed-Loop Control Systems – flexible process connectivity and intuitive Gauge Control Interface.
  • Accurate in Any Environment  get long-term instrument stability and accurate moisture measurement of powders, flakes or granules independent of changes in ambient conditions such as lighting, temperature or humidity.
  • Continue to Realize Value – lower operating costs and maximize profitability, while realizing a long return on value.

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