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EyePro Vision System

EyePro System provides a full range of vision inspection solutions, specifically tailored for the Food Industry.

It allows manufacturers to complete a full vision quality check of the final product, for statistical analysis and quality control, and to reject faulty products. This can be accomplished by choosing an on-line (Inspection and Rejection Systems, Monitoring Systems) or off-line (Standalone Systems).

On-Line Systems

Automatic inspection 100% of the products. A product specific rejection mechanism can be integrated for the automatically remove defective or out of specification products from the production line.

Off-line Systems

Inspect products from sampling batches, manual feeding. They can be used in laboratories or directly on the factory floor, to inspect different products taken from multiple lines.

Measurement Capabilities

EyePro Solutions are able to measure and check numerous product features, including 2D/Shape&Size, 3D/Height, Color and Surface Attributes. A set of parameters, specific for each product type, are collected by the System, providing the Customer with a full set of information regarding the top and bottom of the product.

Following, an overview on the main parameters measured and checked on the products. The photos represent the example of inspection, image processing and rejection of hamburger buns.

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