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5 ways to meet retailer QA standards

Recently LOMA Systems USA, talked to over 250 of the most respected governing agencies, retailers and food processors, asking them one simple question:

“What are the top 5 easiest things you’ve done to ensure you’re meeting code of practice requirements?

With over $7 billion dollars spent annually on dealing with product recall issues in the US, it’s no wonder we’ve taken measures to equip our customers with all the answers. With the shift from response to prevention, more and more manufacturers are turning to Loma Systems to stay ahead of government, retailer and consumer code of practice trends.

#1 Sign up for a Preventative Maintenance Program

A solid PM program keeps your inspection systems running at optimum detection levels. When handled direct by the original manufacturer, customers who get preventative maintenance at least once per year are 73% less likely to experience downtime.

#2 Integrate a Performance Validation System

A PVS regulates product testing requirements and validation standards that are required by many codes of practice. A solid system will keep you on a regular testing and validation schedule. Integrate a PVS into any Loma metal detection, x-ray or checkweighing inspection system.

#3 Utilize a Data Capture and Recording Software

Loma eNet software captures and records product data and instances to ensure you are continuously up to date with HACCP standards. Always have the proper documentation on hand to show you completed your due diligence while passing any audit without hesitation.

#4 Proactively Add a Second Line of Defense

Proactively add a second line of defense for complete quality control over your inspection environment. Ensure perfect products for your retailer or your consumer base by monitoring product integrity, fill levels and determining missing product.

#5 Install Reject Confirmation Technology

Loma’s proprietary FailSafe technology confirms a contaminated product has been removed from the production line and has been deposited into a password protected lockable bin. Our FailSafe technology is written into many retailers’ codes of practice.

To learn how we can help you meet retailer QA standards call 1800 354 302 (AUS) or 0800 777 704 (NZ).

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