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Dried fruit company improves package quality

Seeberger is the leading brand of premium nuts and dried fruit in Europe. These products require gas flushed packages to make sure that the product quality and flavor are preserved. To improve their packaging quality and productivity, Seeberger deployed SealScope™, Engilico’s inline seal inspection and monitoring technology.

Seeberger was facing challenges when filling and packaging dried fruit on a vertical bagger. Depending on the variety of the product, the moisture and the natural sugar content, the timing of the filling can vary significantly. This occasionally leads to product in seal. When this seal is then cut, the knife gets contaminated with the product. This causes both a quality and a productivity challenge since the bags with product in seal cannot be hermetically sealed and the machine needs to be stopped to clean the knife.

A typical case of product in seal

With SealScope™, it is now possible to detect both wrinkles and product in seal. In this case, the knife is deactivated which has two main advantages. Firstly, packages with contaminated seals can be rejected, – increasing outgoing product quality- and secondly, the machine can keep running, increasing line productivity. In addition, SealScope™ enables to determine the optimal packaging
speed to further maximize the line output.

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Source: Case Study provided by Engilico – manufacturer of SealScope.

Engilico™ is an innovative technology company that specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing package sealing inspection and monitoring solutions. Engilico’s products improve packaging quality, increase machine output and reduce scrap. Engilico™ is based in Rotselaar, Belgium and is operational worldwide via a combination of direct sales and a growing distributor network. Visit Engilico™ for more information.

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