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AQUATRAN 3/38 WVTR Analyser

The AQUATRAN-W 3/38 H is designed for laboratories that routinely perform a high quantity of WVTR tests on mid to high-level barriers.

  • Water Vapor Permeation Analyzer
  • Test Film
  • Complies with ASTM F1249
  • 4 Cell Cartridge System
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The AQUATRAN-W 3/38 H High Tech WVTR Analyzer with its unique 4 cell capability can test four barrier samples at the same time providing twice the throughput of traditional WVTR instruments. The new dual film horizontal cartridge is removable for easy sample preparation and the user-friendly operator interface provides real time status of testing against target limits.

Highest Accuracy

  • MOCON’s Patented Modulated InfraRed sensor is the only modulated sensor system on market meeting ASTM F1249
  • Low detection levels down to 0.05 g/(m2*day)
  • Fully automated temperature, flow and RH controls simplify testing and provide unparalleled repeatability

Best Throughput

  • Industries fastest sensor response time allows shorter overall test times
  • Dual film removable test cartridges allow testing of 4 samples at a time requiring less space
  • Automated test method can start a test by a single press of a button
  • TruSeal gas flushed perimeter sealing can eliminate the need for absolute zero in many tests thus shortening overall test times

The AQUATRAN-W 3/38 H high-tech analyzer can test the Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) on films from low to high barriers. It uses the MOCON’s patented long life modulated IR sensor which is the basis for the ASTM standard F1249. This analyzer provides very accurate and repeatable test results within a wide detection range from 0.05 to 200 g/m2*day.

The 4-cell capability allows for triplicate testing with or without a reference film in the same test. The option to run a known standard as a control improves the confidence in the results. With 4 cells and its simplified operation the AQUATRAN 3/38 H is well suited for quality control laboratories performing a high volume of WVTR tests.

The analyzer has industry leading features such as removable horizontal test cartridges, fully automated testing providing higher throughput in the lab and a QC test mode with real time display of testing status against target limits. It is available with a touch screen operator interface or without one where the control is via a local computer with the same easy to use color graphic interface.

For more than 25 years, MOCON’s WVTR instruments have been the most trusted and longest lasting on the market. From simple single layered barriers to complex multi-layered barriers, the AQUATRAN-W 3/38 H is the right choice the busy laboratory routinely performing shortened or abbreviated permeation tests on barrier films.

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